We supply and recommend solar energy systems and accessories that can fulfil all of your home or businesses clean energy requirements. Our company specialises in solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, solar hot water systems, skylights, solar air conditioning, regulators, batteries and inverters.

All of our products are covered by a comprehensive warranty and have been selected for optimal performance and durability. We stock all of the top brands in solar equipment and can also custom-design a system to suit your specifications.

Solar PV Systems

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, otherwise known as solar panel systems, capture energy from the sun and convert the energy into power. As sunlight is a renewable energy source, there are no harmful pollutants created as by-products of this process. Batteries attached to the solar PV system can store electricity for later use. Feeding energy back into the grid is still the most common method of utilising solar PV power.

We can help you select the right solar PV system for your home or business. The system that we suggest will incorporate your electricity demands, location, budget, rebate entitlement and panel space available.

6kW Trina / SMA combo $9849 (Less Zone 1 rebate 129 STCs @ $38* = $4902)

5kW Trina / SMA combo $8801 (Less Zone 1 rebate 107 STCs @ $38* = $4066)

4kW Trina / SMA combo $7327 (Less Zone 1 rebate 86 STCs @ $38* = $3268)

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Solar Hot Water Systems

Rinnai solar hot water systems collect energy efficiently using panels with copper collectors, which minimise heat loss. The panels also offer strength and durability, provided by an aluminium casing. Rinnai's close coupled and split system tanks come in a choice of either titanium stainless steel tanks (10 year warranty) or vitreous enamel tanks (5 year warranty).

Our superior quality, Australian made, Rinnai solar hot water systems can also be boosted by electricity from the grid network or gas if necessary, depending on requirements. Let us help you select a vitreous enamel or titanium stainless solar hot water system to provide all of your hot water needs.

Stainless steel

330 litre close coupled $4413 (Less Zone 1 rebate 40 STCs @ $38* = $1520)

250 litre split system $4821 (Less Zone 1 rebate 36 STCs @ $38* = $1368)

315 litre split system $5026 (Less Zone 1 rebate 30 STCs @ $38* = $1140)

Vitreous Enamel

330 litre close coupled $3233 (Less Zone 1 rebate 40 STCs @ $38* = $1520)

315 litre split system $3584 (Less Zone 1 rebate 28 STCs @ $38* = $1064)

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Regent Skylights are lead free and can be tailored to suit all of your natural lighting needs. Skylights offer an energy saving alternative to electricity powered light and come in a range of different designs including: round, square and rectangular. A range of tinted windows is also available, offering an alternative to traditional skylights.

When you purchase a Regent Skylight you are assured of quality custom-manufacturing, along with the strength and durability provided by a Zincalume or galvanised steel.

We offer vented, non-vented and BCA vented skylights in an opal, clear or tinted finish, that can be individually colour matched to your roof.

Regent Skylights have a 6-year manufacturers warranty, although they generally last around 15 years before needing to be replaced. The skylights supplied by Regent are guaranteed to be leak proof.

Tubelights start from $449

Skylights start from $659

Solar Accessories

Our business offers an extensive selection of solar accessories. Whether you require batteries, inverters or regulators, if the item is not in stock we will gladly source that product for you.

Our experienced team can assist you in finding the right products to suit your specific solar system model. When you buy our solar accessories you also have peace of mind as they are covered by a comprehensive warranty.

Call our helpful team today, we offer prompt and professional service and competitively priced solar accessories for a range of applications.

Solar Air Conditioning

The solar air conditioner is a hybrid split cycle system that heats the refrigerant gas required to cool your home or business utilising a solar collector. By converting to a solar air conditioner you reduce your power consumption as much less power is required during the cooling process. Less power consumption equals great saving on your power bill.

Depending on your household or businesses needs there are different size systems available. Our team can assess your energy requirements and offer suggestions on the right model of solar air conditioner to suit. Our solar air conditioners are backed by a comprehensive 5-year warranty.

2.6kW $1550

3.5kW $1873

6.0kW $2302

7.2kW $2720

*All prices exclude installation